When you use a card to pay we generally ask you to save it, if you haven’t saved it, the card hasn’t been stored in the account. If you have saved the card and would like to delete it, you may do so by going to your account—>payment details and delete the card. If you’d like to add a new one you can click on Add New Payment

If you forgot your password, you can click on login icon located at the header part of the website them click on forgot password. Enter the email address used to register your account with and click on Reset my Password button, we will send you an email with a link to reset your password

If you try to login with an incorrect username/email and/or password for several times, the system may lock you out of the account for a while. This is a security measure to make sure we keep our customers accounts safe. You may try to reset the password. If you’re still not able to login, please contact our customer support

Yes you can. We made it easy for people to contact us if they don’t have an account yet. It’s called pre-sale questions. Go to the help centre link located in the footer then click on I’m not a customer yet button and follow the prompt

You can change your email by logging in to your user account, click on Profile and change the email address

You can change your shipping address by going to your user account and clicking on Addresses, and enter the other shipping address

Same process as above, click on Profile and enter the new contact number

You can change your password by logging in to your user account, click on Profile and enter the new password. Please note, you need to enter the current password you’re using now in the 1st field, then enter the new password in the 2nd field and confirm it, then click Save. You may need to login again with the new password

You can change your payment details by logging in to your user account, click on Payments and click Add a New Payment, and add a new card details

For pre-sales enquiries please click on Help Centre link located in footer, click on Customer Service button, then select I’m not a customer yet, follow the prompt to submit your question

If you’re already a customer, you can submit a ticket via your account or through the Help Centre, click on Customer Support link then select I’m already a customer and follow the prompt

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