With technology being upgraded every now and then, we make sure we give our customers a great experience when shopping on the site. Our materials are environmentally friendly and we focus on using recycled materials for a better future. Making clothes in a better way with better materials, more sustainable design and less waste and packaging

Clothes made smarter:

We are starting with a lower threshold, so we can support all our suppliers in driving improvements, including both those who are new to sustainable materials, and those who are experienced in this area. However, it’s important to note that these thresholds will increase each year towards our targets, and we will report on our progress.

Better suppliers:

We’ve been building our team who work with our suppliers to make sure that we all have a clear map of all the factories producing our clothes and that our standards are followed to protect the workers in those factories and the quality of the clothes they produce. Here’s what we are going to do

Business in action:

We take responsibility for the way in which we run our business and manage our impacts. We’ll be looking at tackling climate change, we’ll provide great jobs and look after our people, we’ll make it easier for customers to make more sustainable choices, we’ll make sure sustainability is a key part of our business decision making

We’re going to make it easier for our customers to make sustainable choices with us